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Questions to Ask a Ragdoll Breeder(and my answer)

Some good questions to ask are:

1. How long have you been breeding Ragdolls for?

Ideally you are best off looking for someone with at least 2 years of experience, so they know what they are doing.

Our cattery registered CFA & TICA in 2018. We have experience breeding ragdoll about 4 years and we are expert in this breed. We made breeding rules such as periodically disinfect cattery, mate female no more than 3 times in two years, and breeding ragdoll base of genetic knowledge, etc. We also professional in ragdoll nutrition, cat behavior, cat training, genetic in ragdoll color & patterns, and inbreeding & outbreeding.

2. Why did you choose Ragdolls to breed?

I love cats and like to study about cats. I personally chose Ragdolls to breed because I love the breed. I want to share my happiness from breeding ragdolls to other people.

3. Do you show? Why or why not?

Yes, our cattery goes to show, but not recently because of COVID. Our kittens have many show winnings in their pedigree. Their grandparents are show champion and all 4 generations are traditional pure breed.

Personal preference, but I truly care about the Ragdoll breed as a whole and I do care if the breeder shows, especially if I am buying a show or breeder quality kitten. If I was buying a pet quality kitten, then I couldn't really care much, but you are also wanting a cat that is (and looks) like a Ragdoll. But remember, just because a breeder doesn't show that doesn't necessarily mean that the breeder is a bad breeder and just because a breeder does show that doesn't mean that they are a good breeder, please choose wisely. If you're looking for (and buying) a show or breeder quality kitten, then you definitely want some show winning cats in your kitten's pedigree!

4. What congenital defects are found in Ragdolls?

A breeder of any animal not just related to Ragdolls, should be knowledgeable about their specific animal as a whole and know how to avoid the problems that their type (or breed) of animal typically can have. Example given; I will NEVER buy from any Ragdoll breeder ever, ever, again that doesn't test for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), this is a very deadly heart disease commonly found in Ragdoll cats (this is what killed Nico and Renato). There was a test for HCM that came out specifically for Ragdolls in 2005. Run, don't walk, if any breeder does not test for HCM and is unwilling to show you proof of the test results given.

Our cattery guarantees no hereditary or congenital genetic defects. We will give you kitten's parents HCM and PKD test report with proper contract. If the cat is found with a genetic defect and dies, We will provide a replacement kitten to you.

5. How large is your breeding operation?

For now, we only have 1 male and 1 female. Another female will join our litter program, but she is in Korea with my family. I don't know when she will come to China. I hope COVID get better, so I can fly to Korea to pick my new queen.

6. Where do your cats spend most of their time at?

Our cat lives with my family in China. NO other pets.

7. Do you breed full time? In other words, do you have another job?

Full time caring ragdoll cat family.

8. What happens if the kitten gets sick? What types of health guarantees do you offer?

If any illness or issue is found within 72 hours, purchase have to inform to breeder. Breeder will either pay the cost of any medicine needed for the cat or non-routine vet work, or replace the kitten with either another kitten of the same quality (based on availability).

The kitten has a 1 year genetic health guarantee against any hereditary or congenital genetic defects. If cat is found with a genetic defect and dies, breeder will provide a replacement kitten (same breed, class and sex).

9. What makes this kitten 'pet' or 'show' quality?

PET - It's a cat with small color errors (e.g. has a white edge of the ear or a spot where it should not be) , possibly slightly weaker in type or in some other way deviating from the exhibition standard. Given without exhibition and breeding rights.

SHOW- It's perfect in type, color in everything. It is given away with exhibition rights, but without breeding rights (It can not be propagated).

BREEDING- Perfect in type and exhibition standard. Given with Exhibition and Breeding rights.

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