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We sell our kittens as international standard price. 

The price of a kitten is influenced by its type, lines in pedigree, sex, color, distribution of color, intensity of eye color saturation, length of fur, age and many other similar factors. 

PET NEUTER ($1300~2400) - It's a cat with small color errors (e.g. has a white edge of the ear or a spot where it should not be) , possibly slightly weaker in type or in some other way deviating from the exhibition standard. Given without exhibition and breeding rights. 

SHOW NEUTER ($2400~3500) - It's perfect in type, color in everything. It is given away with exhibition rights, but without breeding rights (It can not be propagated).

BREEDING ($4000~6000) - Perfect in type and exhibition standard. Given with Exhibition and Breeding rights. Price are different by lines in pedigree for breeding type.



8 month kitten can be neutered


FVR(Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis), FPL(Feline Panleukopenia), FCV( Feline Calci Virus), Rabies vaccination


Bloodline certificate by CFA or TICA, Copy of kitten parents PKD & HCM certificate.


with a health certificate and a rabies certificate


Pet, Show or Breeding type contract in English/ Chinese.


Cat food, Pet kennel, Pheromone blanket, emergency medicine, anthelmintic, cat clipper, longhair brush, cat treats, toys.


"Actual contract might be different."

Cat’s Name : MACARONDOLLS _______________

Cattery Name:                                          /  Cattery number  of CFA:


Color/Pattern: SEAL BI COLOR  (Seal point-white)

Gender : MALE

Quality of Kitten: PET

Price : 1300 USD

Breeder’s Name :                                               (signature)

Sire : 101BABY DADAODAN (Seal point-white)

Dam : RAGPUBLIC FAIRY (Blue  point-white)

Kitten(s) D.O.B.:  MARCH / 03 / 2021

Purchaser :                                                            (signiture)

Phone Number : 

E-mail Address :  

Home Address :

Postal Code :

<Breeder’s warranty>

- has been vaccinated three times against viral diseases(Rhinotracheitis,Calici,Panleukopenia,Chlamydia psittaci)

- has been dewormed

-a health certificate and a rabies certificate

-rabies vaccination one time

-CFA certificate (registration)


  1. Purchaser agrees to provide adequate quality food and sanitary facilities to cat/kitten and agrees that mentioned cat/kitten will not be harmed or abused in any way possible.

  2. Purchaser is obliged to send written information about the development and health of the purchased cat upon a request as well as pictures.

  3. Purchaser agrees to not have kitten declawed at any time during life. Purchaser agrees the above cat will not be caged, this cat must be given adequate room to run around, and must be well socialized and kept in a happy and healthy environment.

  4. Purchaser agrees that they may NEVER resell the mentioned cat/kitten for profits of their own, or sell them to any known cat mill/pet store or breeder.  In unavoidable case, purchaser have to inform to breeder and discuss with breeder about it.

  5. Purchaser agrees that when kitten/cat needs a health inspection or when kitten/cat has a problem on health, purchaser should provide to see a vet kitten.

  6. If any illness or issue is found within 72 hours, purchase have to inform to breeder. Breeder will either pay the cost of any medicine needed for the cat or non-routine vet work, or replace the kitten with either another kitten of the same quality (based on availability) or reimburse the purchaser for what they paid for the above cat. Breeder will not be responsible for any illness (non-genetic) found after 72 hours of pick-up/delivery.

  7. The purchased cat must be quarantined from other cats for at least seven days from the date of acquisition from the breeder. Failure to observe the quarantine period renders the guarantee invalid.

8. Breeder agrees to provide all true and accurate veterinary records of cat/kitten.

9. Kitten has a 1 year genetic health guarantee against any hereditary or congenital genetic defects. If cat is found with a genetic defect and dies, breeder will provide a replacement kitten (same breed, class and sex) to purchaser if breeder is given proper documentation of defect and a necropsy is given to deceased pet by vet stating the genetic defect or any other information found, which must be reported in writing back to the breeder. If documentation of a necropsy is not provided, or the necropsy does not clearly state any genetic or congenital defects, breeder will NOT replace the above kitten/cat, nor be responsible for the loss of the cat or any vet bills.

10. This Agreement has been drawn up in two identical versions one for each party.

11. This Agreement is based on China law. Any disputes in connection with this Agreement will be settled by the court of law in China.

Purchaser’s Signature:


Breeder’s Signature:


Breeder’s Address:


Date signed by both parties: ______/_______/_______

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